Mar 4, 2021
The International Centre on Nurse Migration (ICNM) estimates 10.6 million new nurses will be needed to both address the existing nurse shortage and replace the 4.7 million nurses
Jan 6, 2021
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Dec 9, 2020
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Nov 26, 2019
This webinar discusses what defines leadership competency and the existing challenges for creating new leaders including selection, development, lack of focus on leader preparation and an unrealistic number of leadership competencies.
Nov 12, 2019
The Finance & Business Skills for Nurse Managers program on Sept. 24 is cancelled. For anyone who has registered, your program registration is automatically cancelled and a refund will be issued. If you booked a hotel room within the conference block at the Embassy Suites Kansas City - Airport…
Jun 27, 2019
[Sponsored] Investing in nurse education and development is critical for hospitals and health systems to successfully transition to value-based care. Nurses are in the position to not only participate in, but lead the transformation of the health care delivery system to one that is focused on…
Jun 21, 2019
  Title VIII Nursing Workforce programs are currently operating without authorization. In today’s tight fiscal environment, programs without a current authorization run the risk of losing funding. It is critical that Congress understands that nursing workforce development programs are…
Apr 23, 2019
AONL hosted a group of health care professionals to participate in a discussion for building the hospital for the next generation. The group consisting of nurse executives, architects and engineers identified valuable assumptions and principles for stakeholders involved in designing and building…
Apr 23, 2019
In September 2011, The American Hospital Association (AHA) convened a roundtable of clinical and health systems experts to examine the future primary care workforce needs of patients, as well as the role hospitals and healthcare systems can play in effectively delivering primary care.