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AONL 2021 Board Election

AONL to extend board and officer terms, suspend nominations and election until 2021. Learn more.


The American Organization for Nursing Leadership seeks candidates who represent AONL’s mission to shape health care through innovative and expert nursing leadership. Applications will soon open for the president-elect, region 1 and region 3 representatives.

The AONL Nominations Committee is charged with supervises the AONL’s board election. The committee oversees potential candidates and reviews applications for the AONL Board Election. The committee provides an excellent opportunity for further involvement with AONL including the potential for a future role on the AONL Board of Directors.

Important Dates

AONL’s Nominating Committee will present a candidate slate for approval by the AONL Board in July. Please contact Jo Ann Webb at (202) 626-2321 with questions about the nomination process.