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Nursing Leadership COVID-19 Survey

An overwhelming majority of nurse leaders feel prepared for a future COVID-19 surge according to a survey report released by AONL and Joslin Marketing.

The survey, conducted in late July 2020, studied the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on nursing leadership. After conducting interviews with nurse leaders from across the country, AONL and Joslin Marketing launched an online survey to measure nurse leaders’ perceptions of key concerns, primary challenges, lasting changes and preparedness for future pandemics or surges.

Key Findings

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Abstract Data Biggest Challenge Nurses Faced During COVID-19

Below is one of the hundreds of nurse leader stories.

“We all have pandemic plans. We worked on them during the H1N1 flu outbreak and we brushed them up for SARS, MERS and Ebola. We have leadership training and FEMA Incident Command Training. Then the real situations hit, and you realize this is not a drill. Never underestimate the amazing skill and resilience of nursing staff. They come to work and face more practice changes and new skills to acquire. They have to deal with new equipment and new PPE as supply chains faltered. They step up to challenges and support your community. Recognize them. Thank them. They are the backbone of health care!”