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Success for leaders means staying one step ahead. Tune into Today in Nursing Leadership for monthly conversations with nursing leadership experts, featuring information, insights and innovations that drive change and provoke action. In each episode, hear from experts highlighting challenges facing nurse leaders today and how to navigate these for success.

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Latest Episodes

Hold On to Your Nurse Managers Through a Comprehensive Retention Program

November 7, 2022

Retaining effective nurse managers is critical to any organization as they impact financial and quality outcomes as well as nurse satisfaction and retention. The daily stressors for nurse managers are real. Implementing strategies and processes to hold on to your managers is needed now more than ever. This episode will provide you with strategies you can use in building a comprehensive nurse manager retention program at your organization. Learn more.

Empowering Nurse Leaders to Support Staff Well-Being and Resilience

October 9, 2022

This podcast will engage participants in a discussion of research findings of several modifiable factors in the work environment affecting the well-being and resilience of nurses during the pandemic. Gain actionable takeaways to better support the well-being of the nursing workforce of the future. Learn more.

Developing a Legacy through a Leadership Trajectory

September 25, 2022

Nurse leaders must continue to develop advanced leadership competencies as they move through their career, while helping diverse nurses within their sphere of influence to also develop leadership skills. This podcast will help participants to plan strategies to develop a leadership legacy and support other nurses from diverse background to do the same. Learn more.

Community Care Teams: Breakthrough Strategy for Health Care Equity

September 12, 2022

It takes more than one person to perpetuate a legacy. Though collective leadership, every nurse has the potential to be a leader and to leave a legacy. Learn effective tactics to develop an legacy leadership through three core areas — The Strategies, The Personal and The Environment. Learn more.

Leading from the Heart

August 22, 2022

People deserve to experience us at their best. Explore best practices on how to develop deeper connections and become an inspirational leader through work-life integration and being fully in the present. Learn more.

12 Recommendations from Studying Burnout, Violence, and Turnover in Nurses

August 8, 2022

Understanding where to start to address burnout, turnover, and violence in our nurses is often overwhelming for nurse leaders. This podcast provides a method to understanding where bedside nurses are struggling along five levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy and offers 12 clear recommendations for all nurse leaders to address the most common issues observed in an 11 hospital sample of over 3,500 nurses. Learn more.

Prioritizing Nurse Wellbeing

July 25, 2022

The ongoing effects of COVID-19 pandemic are taking a significant toll on the mental and physical health of our nurses. Hear from Crystal Morales on how implementing a director of nurse wellbeing helped repair and improve nurses mental and physical health through critical resources and education. Learn more.

A Guide to Building Mentoring Relationships with Black, Indigenous and People of Color

July 4, 2022

Deb Washington discusses strategies on how to recruit and retain a diverse nursing workforce of BIPOC professionals (Black, Indigenous and People of Color). Learn more.

Adventures of an Amateur Advocate

June 20, 2022

Hear from Rachel Culpepper on how to become an advocate to make an impact on nursing issues affecting your patients, community and nursing teams. Learn more.

Patient C.A.R.E.

June 2, 2022

Dr. John “Skip” Williams discusses how software technology designed for critical care units can benefit nurses during shift changes by providing all relevant information on their patients, reducing clinician burden and EMR stress. Quantaira Health introduces Patient C.A.R.E (comprehensive access for remote evaluation). This platform enables providers to remotely observe patient biometrics from multiple medical devices and monitors and synchronizes it on to one screen. Learn more at www.quantaira.comLearn more.

Cultivating Mindfulness, Ethical Practice and Resilience in Nurses

May 16, 2022

Nurses and leaders are experiencing moral adversity that can lead to various types of moral suffering. Cynda Rushton discusses an evidence based program that offers a pathway to fortify nurses inherent resilience and integrity and arm them with the tools necessary to meet the inevitable ethical challenges that arise in health care.  Learn more.

In Crisis and Beyond: Maximizing Nursing’s Impact through Professional Governance

May 16, 2022

Health care is hungry for exemplary nursing leadership for the future. Traditional approaches/structures are no longer adequate. Tim Porter-O'Grady explores how professional governance provides the structural requisite for advancing this essential leadership.  Learn more.

Creating Solutions in the Midst of a Pandemic

April 18, 2022

Rose Hedges and Carmen Kleinsmith discuss how clinicians used an open culture of frontline innovation to build just-in-time devices for COVID-19 protocols in ICU patient care, PPE and patient transportation. Learn more.

Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing in Critical Care Nurses: An Urgent Call

April 4, 2022

Bernadette Melnyk explores why promoting mental health and wellbeing is the utmost importance. In this episode, learn essential strategies you can take to combat burnout and promote your own health and wellness. Learn more.

A Journey Through The Dark: One Manager’s Story from Burnout to Success

March 21, 2022

Burnout across the bedside nursing profession is gaining more and more national attention. Chris Burleigh provides insight, skills, tools and hope for any nurse leader facing the same challenges. Learn more.

Pandemic Impact on Authentic Nurse Leadership and Work Environment

Feb. 28, 2022

Rosanne Raso and Joyce Fitzpatrick address challenges in the clinical work environment during the pandemic for clinical nurses and nurse leaders. Learn more.

Using Innovative Strategies to Combat Workplace Violence

Feb. 3, 2022

Veronica Nolden and Trina Trimmer discuss how the risk for health care workers has been disproportionate and ways to implement strategies for team safety. Learn more.

It takes 3: Creating Shared Responsibility for Employee Engagement

Oct. 18, 2021

Vicki Hess discusses three essential elements to creating shared responsibility for employee engagement. Learn more.

Extreme Caring and Moments of Miracles: Nursing's Contribution

Sept. 20, 2021

Wanona (Winnie) Fritz discusses how being a combat nurse shaped innovations in health care of homeless veterans and other vulnerable populations. Hear stories from her combat nurse days of resilience that apply to current challenges of today. Learn more.

Beyond Deny & Defend: Engaging Patients in Solutions

July 19, 2021

Anne Pedersen and Joanne Sorensen discuss how implementing a transparent approach following a medical error positively impacts patient and provider satisfaction as well as litigation risk. Learn more.

Leading Disruptive Change: Transforming Your Onboarding Experience

August 16, 2021

Rachel Kelter shares how nurse leaders utilized disruptive innovation through challenging the status quo to facilitate a culture shift and onboarding practice changes for an entire health care system. Learn more.