Houston Methodist wants to show virtual nursing promotes value-based care

Houston Methodist system leaders want to combine short-term return on investment showing the financial benefits of virtual nursing with long-term results demonstrating value-based care. Launched in June 2022, Houston Methodist’s virtual nursing program is one of the U.S.’ more advanced. It comprises 35 nurses and 30 full-time equivalents across 1,400 beds in seven hospitals. Leaders are evaluating many key performance indicators because they believe each minor change in the care process can contribute to longer-term value. Initially, the virtual nursing program sought to improve nurse well-being by fine-tuning workflows. It has grown to address admission and discharge times, length of stay, care coordination and management, and documentation compliance. It is installing wall-mounted technology in every patient room and using wearables to track patients’ vital signs. (HealthLeaders Media article, 6/28/24)