AONL Releases Nursing Leadership Workforce Compendium

AONL this week released the first of a three-part compendium focused on best practices to manage the complexities of the nursing workforce. The compendium, produced by the AONL Workforce Committee, seeks to support and empower nurse leaders in creating and maintaining environments in which nurses want to work. “The compendium will go beyond published literature, focusing on successful strategies used to effectively improve the work setting and support nurse leaders,” noted Robyn Begley, AONL CEO and AHA senior vice president of workforce and CNO. The first section covers recruitment and retention; the second, leadership and practices to create a positive environment; and the last section focuses on academic-practice partnerships, creating a culture of inquiry, and compensation and benefits. Sections two and three will be released in the coming months. The AONL website will be updated with resources, comprised of best practices and exemplars, as the environment evolves and new information becomes available.