Member Volunteer Opportunities

AONL strives to meet the ever-changing needs of its membership through the work of committees and task forces. By volunteering your service and expertise, you help shape the future of our organization and serve your community.

Volunteer on a Committee or Task Force

Submissions for volunteers to serve on the 2024 committees are now closed. Submissions for the 2025 committees will open next fall. Learn more about the committees and task forces at AONL and view current rosters.

Building and Strengthening the Community

Advocate for your Teams and Patients

Advocate for your teams and patients by taking action on issues facing nurse leaders. Communicate with your representatives through in-person meetings, letters, social media and more to be a champion for health care policy. Click here to learn more. 

Be an AONL Ambassador 

Are there colleagues on your team or in your network who are not AONL members? By sharing the value of AONL with them, you will connect them with resources to help them lead through crisis and build resilience to face the challenges of the day. Complete the referral form by Oct. 18 and both you and your colleague could win a prize!

Become an AONL Mentor

The Mentor Match program provides a platform for members to connect with one another and form mentoring relationships. Invest in the next generation of leaders by sharing your advice on career planning and workplace challenges or simply serving as an encouraging role model. In return, you'll gain fresh perspectives and give back to and strengthen the nursing community. View detailed instructions for signing up as a mentor.

Serve at the First-time Attendee Reception

Each year at the annual meeting, AONL hosts a first-time attendee reception for new attendees to welcome them to the community and provide networking opportunities. If you have been an AONL member for several years, we would love your help in welcoming new members at the event. Details for the 2024 reception will be available in the coming months.

Increasing the Body of Knowledge

Participate in a Research Study

Contribute to building the evidence base for nursing leadership by participating in current research studies and surveys. You can also apply to promote a study or survey you are conducting for the purpose of academic and practice research in order to gain feedback from AONL members.  

Post in the Leader2Leader Community

Through the Leader2Leader Member Community, members can build profiles, start discussions, share files, find mentors and network with peers. Add your expertise to the body of knowledge by sharing tips or lessons learned during your career or by replying to your peers’ questions. 

Serve on the Ad Hoc Work Group

Situations periodically arise in which short-term ad hoc groups are formed to address gaps in information and increase the body of knowledge. Calls for volunteers to serve on these groups will be shared via email and on this page, with a fillable form so that you can share your information and interest in these initiatives. Keep an eye out!

Submit an article to AONL's Publications

Submit an article for publication in the Voice of Nursing Leadership Magazine to share your expertise and solutions to workplace challenges with your colleagues.  


For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact AONL.