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Exemplary Nurse Leadership and Mentorship Award


The Exemplary Leadership and Mentorship award recognizes a nurse leader who significantly influenced professional nursing practice and the professional development of others. AONL believes every nurse has the potential to be leader and inspire expert care. This award supports AONL’s mission by honoring an individual’s influence and impact on nursing practice and leadership.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a current AONL Member.
  • Current members of the AONL Board of Directors and/or AONL staff are not eligible.

Nomination Process

  • Any AONL member may nominate a candidate for the award by submitting a nomination form and supporting documentation for the submission criteria.
  • The nomination form should list examples of the nominee’s leadership in elevating nursing, mentorship, impact on professional nursing practice, service to AONL or its affiliates.

Application Closed

Selection Process

The AONL Awards committee selects the winner using the below submission criteria. Include all roles, activities and qualities supporting the submission criteria in the application: