Nurse-led intervention reduced COVID-19 deaths

Bedside checklists applying evidence-based nursing-led interventions could be beneficial as a public health emergency response, according to a study. Published in the May issue of the Journal of Nursing Administration, the authors conducted a retrospective analysis examining the impact of a bedside checklist and “Nursing Back to Basics” bundle among 587 patients with COVID-19 hospitalized at an academic hospital in New York City between March and April 2020. The checklist and Nursing Back to Basics intervention showed a 12% reduction in mortality due to COVID-19 compared with usual care at 26.9%. “Using current evidence to develop checklists as a guide to approach care may help improve public health emergency responses needed to initially mitigate mortality risk until sufficient resources are secured,” the authors conclude. (AHRQ Patient Safety Network article, 5/24/23)